Crowd Surfing on NYE w/ 50,000 Of Our Closest Friends

Here's a quick glimpse at what the weekend was like, then we can quickly talk new year's resolutions. (If anyone has crowd surfing footage, will you post it to youtube & put the link on our facebook page? That'd be most baller of you!)

Let us quickly clear up some rumors that are hanging out there (totally our fault, it's probably time to bite the bullet and hire a publicist, again...our fault)

RUMOR #1 - Yes. There is a record deal sitting in our inbox from a label, but we HAVE NOT SIGNED IT.

RUMOR #2 - We are planning the release of new music 1st quarter of 2012, HOWEVER these next songs are actually from the vault. They were recorded during the JAG sessions. (Most have never been heard). Originally we were just going to let them sit in the digital abyss but on a recent road trip we busted them out and soon after decided they should definitely be released from their captivity...

How about we do SS New Year's Resolutions in another blog post later this week! (One of our resolutions is to BLOG, often!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make it count. -SS-