"Details" Featured on Vampire Diaries 2/19

As I write this we are super excited for tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries on the CW Why? Because those blood suckers have again featured one of our songs the show! This time it's "Details" off of our new record, Lost Machines. We've said it before and we'll say it again: we love vampires. Thanks so much to the CW for being awesome and supporting us! Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think! 

Here is a lyric video we made for anyone who might want to sing along. 


New Album • Lost Machines • Nov 18

We couldn't possibly be more excited that on November 18th, our new album, Lost Machines, will be released out into the world. This has been a two year long project of countless hours, pain, sweat, tears, and even a little blood. It has been worth every moment. Lost Machines is by far our most aggressive, ambitious attempt at making a record, and we are beyond proud of it. We've already let you hear a few tracks over the past few months, but are ready for your to hear the entire album together in its wholeness. 

We've taken our sweet time making this album and figuring out how to release it to you guys. We think at the end of the day though, you just have to put it out there and see what happens. We hope you love it. We hope it inspires you. We pray it brings you hope. We can only dream that it helps people through life the way music has helped all of us. We thank you, the fans, the loyal, the ones who allow us to dream and create. We love you deeply. We are lost machines, everything we are is for you.



LM•EP on iTunes

We've been waiting years to finally get to say "LOST MACHINES" is slated and will be released world wide on November 18, 2014. Since you all are the most PHENOMENAL and PATIENT fans in the history of music, we decided to release two of the songs early as a THANK YOU for everything. "When I Was A Boy" & "Forget You Now" will be available on October 28, 2014 as an EP (if you want to pre-order "LM-EP" on iTunes you can now!!) The album will become available for pre-order as well come November. We can't say thank you enough. Thanks for believing in us. Thanks for telling your friends about us. Thanks for being patient while we figure all this out. Thanks for spending your hard earned dollars on our art. Thanks for being a part of this with us. We'll see you soon! -SS- 


the Harry Potter Song

Check it out on www.mugglenet.com

You may already be familiar with Sleeperstar, an Indie/rock band from Dallas, TX who've been gaining in popularity across the world. Their song, "I Was Wrong" was featured in The Vampire Diaries' second season, and another hit, "Everything Must Find Its Place" was used for the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. Today marks the band's worldwide release of their latest song, aptly titled, 'The Harry Potter Song.' And, for one day only, this video is exclusive to MuggleNet!

As it would happen, Sleeperstar, comprised of Chris Pearson, Nick Box, Jake Lester, Geoff Ashcraft and Shaun Menary, are fans of Harry Potter, and wanted to express what Potter means to them, which inspired the song as well as its accompanying music video (click play on the viewer above!) MuggleNet was delighted to feature the video, which contains some stunning guitar work, and equally stunning spell-work!

Sleeperstar's most recent EP, "Blue Eyes" was released this year. You can also check them out on iTunes or Twitter and Instagram. We are thrilled to see a successful band break their mold and delve wands-at-the-ready into "Wizard rock." What do you think? Will you be checking out their music now? We certainly will.


Win Tickets to Blue Eyes Release Party

Hey, Texas peeps! Sleeperstar is gearing up for their official home town Blue Eyes EP release party. So, grab your friends, get in your car, hop on a plane, a train, or bike your way down to House of Blues on June 28th for the partaaay! Here's how you can win some tickets:

Win free tickets to Sleeperstar's home town Blue Eyes release party for you and a friend!


1)TWITTER Tweet this message: "I'm going to the @Sleeperstar Dallas CD release party, come with me! Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/1a6U7TP #BlueEyesTickets

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You will win : -2 tickets to the Blue Eyes EP release party -2 physical copies of Blue Eyes EP signed by the band

*You are responsible for your own transportation to the show in Dallas, obviously.

Winner will be announced June 24th.


The "BLUE EYES EP" + Tour Dates

Sleeperstar Readies "The BLUE EYES EP" The guys have readied the newest installment in their musical catalogue and will be releasing the "Blue Eyes EP" very soon! This EP will be coupled with in-studio interviews from all members of the band, interviews with Sleeperstar's co-producer and mixer Gregg Dunham and includes a most epic, yet appropriate, debate about the super powers of "flight vs. teleportation"

Check out the teaser ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6Xao2fjVXo

Sleeperstar Tour Dates with "Sixpence None The Richer"

The guys will be playing a few dates with "Sixpence None The Richer" in Texas & Arkansas at the beginning of August. Tickets are on sale now!

8/1/2012- Austin, TX - Antone's - 8:00pm tickets ----> http://tinyurl.com/7fdwhfu

8/2/2012 - Dallas, TX - Trees - 7:00pm tickets ----> http://tinyurl.com/7l2njl4

8/3/2012 - Little Rock, AR - Juanita's - 9:00pm tickets ----> http://tinyurl.com/cyog2qg

Sleeperstar "Artist In Residence" in Dallas,TX

(from the band ---->) Tickets are officially on sale! We've asked some other bands + singer songwriters that we love from Texas/Nashville/Louisiana to join us, and yall are going to love them! Yes, Tom Hanks will be singing on "Everything Must Find Its Place" and yes we are going to be playing so many new songs that we don't know what to do withourselves and yes we will still play some old ones! AND yes, we are going to come to all the rest of your cities and countries and play those songs as well! ANNND yes, we freaking love you guys and can't say thank you enough... Get your tickets here ----> http://prekindle.com/venue/lagrange

We'll see you in April!!!


Crowd Surfing on NYE w/ 50,000 Of Our Closest Friends

Here's a quick glimpse at what the weekend was like, then we can quickly talk new year's resolutions. (If anyone has crowd surfing footage, will you post it to youtube & put the link on our facebook page? That'd be most baller of you!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSuo1Crs5D0

Let us quickly clear up some rumors that are hanging out there (totally our fault, it's probably time to bite the bullet and hire a publicist, again...our fault)

RUMOR #1 - Yes. There is a record deal sitting in our inbox from a label, but we HAVE NOT SIGNED IT.

RUMOR #2 - We are planning the release of new music 1st quarter of 2012, HOWEVER these next songs are actually from the vault. They were recorded during the JAG sessions. (Most have never been heard). Originally we were just going to let them sit in the digital abyss but on a recent road trip we busted them out and soon after decided they should definitely be released from their captivity...

How about we do SS New Year's Resolutions in another blog post later this week! (One of our resolutions is to BLOG, often!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make it count. -SS-

New Christmas Single for FREE!

It's late! Or early? It all runs together when we get to spend time in the studio. Crafting the new album? Yes. Getting stoked for JAG 2012 Tour? Yes! Playing on New Years Eve 2011 for 500,000 people? YES! We wanted to give everyone a new song to say "THANK YOU" for the past 3 years of AMAZING support! It's a Christmas tune we put together that mashes up Oh Come Emmanuel and Joy to the World, download your copy by clicking the link and then help spread the word via twitter, facebook and email!

We're consistently humbled and amazed by every last one of you that pushes our music. Thank you for believing in us!!!

GET NEW SS SONG HERE -----> http://www.noisetrade.com/sleeperstar

Also, if you like the Emmanuel artwork, Shaun has created some sweet backgrounds for you to download for free! Click the link, right click & save the image, and set accordingly. Enjoy.

Desktop background: http://sleeperstar.com/freedownloads/ss_christmas_br.jpg iPad: http://sleeperstar.com/freedownloads/ipad_christmas_br.jpg iPhone: http://sleeperstar.com/freedownloads/iphone_christmas_br.jpg


"I Was Wrong" Official Video

We're so excited to announce the release of our first official music video! I Was Wrong was featured on the WB's hit show, The Vampire Diaries late last year and has been gaining momentum ever since. We can't thank all the Vampire Diaries fans enough, you guys have made so much possible for us, thank you thank you thank you! Please take the time to share the video on Facebook (it's that convenient little button below at the end of this post) and tell all your peeps on Twitter (another convenient little button down there). Without further ado:

We'd like to give a HUGE thanks to our good buddy, Ryan Booth, who shot this video for us. His talent is beyond measure and we're so grateful for him. Make sure to go check out his work HERE. We came up with the concept and shot the video all in one day down in Houston, TX. It was a BLAST! And we only dropped/broke 1 camera while doing it. Look for that video soon. The most impressive thing about this video is that Chris did all his own stunts.


Directed by: Ryan Booth Shot by: Ryan Booth & Shaun Menary Edited by: Shaun Menary Graded by: Cody Bess & Ryan Booth Super tasteful VFX shot by:  Scott Brignac Slo-mo running by: Chris Pearson Stunt Man: Chris Pearson Long Pensive Looks by: Chris Pearson

Our Most Excellent 2011 Twitter Contest

What is this contest?  It's THE: "Sleeperstar Is Giving Away An Absurd Amount Of Amazing Apple Products Twitter Contest"

What exactly are we giving away?   // 3 iPods, 3 iPod Touches & 3 iPads

How do I get my hands on that sweet gear?  // Follow these simple instructions to win:

(1)  Go to "Official Sleeperstar Twitter" and make sure you are following Sleeperstar

(2)  Send a tweet out that says why you like Sleeperstar's music!

(3) In that tweet explain why people should follow Sleeperstar and include both of these in your tweet @sleeperstar & #SSiPadgiveaway2

(4)  Get mentally prepared to go see SS live in concert this fall!

(5)  Tweet us a picture of you kissing an animal.  Preferably something dangerous like a Cobra... or a Rhino.

That's it, it's actually that simple!  When we get to 10,000 followers we'll give away the iPods.  When we get to 15,000 followers we'll give away the iPod Touches.  When we get to 25,000 followers we'll give away the iPads.  (And yes, they are all iPad 2).  Click here to check out Sleeperstar's Twitter Page

The Light. The Sound. The Fire.

It's been far to long friends...  We hope this finds you all doing so well and we sincerely hope we to get to see many of you when we're out on tour this year!"So Say We All" -Nick, Jake, Chris, Brandon, and Shaun-

Sleeperstar Goes International

At the tail end of last year, the hit CW show The Vampire Diaries featured one of our songs "I Was Wrong" in a very epic scene between two of the main characters.  Six months and 24,986 downloads later our music is starting to spread exponentially quicker than we had ever previously experienced!  The appreciation for the show and its incredibly loyal fan base has been talked about many times over in our camp.  Thank you all so much for pushing the song and the album, and for doing it in such an amazing way.  Please keep it up!  If you missed the scene and want to check it out, just go to youtube and search the words "sleeperstar vampire."  (We'll be honest, the fact that you can search "our band name" + the word "vampire" kinda makes us happy)

Pre-Production On Sleeperstar's New Album Has Begun!!!

What's tentatively being called "The Light, The Sound, The Fire" is in its beginning phases.  Yes we're talking to labels (they started calling us because you all are pushing our music to your friends!) but REGARDLESS it is safe to say you can expect "tL tS tF" in your hands in 2012!!

Upcoming Tour Dates

We're doing a handfull of shows in the US in April and May.  For details on upcoming dates visit the "Tour" section of our website: http://www.sleeperstar.com/blog/tour

Plans for the "Just Another Ghost" National Tour are under way and the tour is set to begin late August of 2011! Don't worry, the tour dates will be released with plenty of time to get tickets before they sell out!

New Sleeperstar Interview On Alternativeaddiction.Com

We did an interview with AlternativeAddictive.com journalist Neil K. Warner on how we operate as an independent band and how hard we've had to work to just to get to this point.  Click here to read the entire interview on Alternative Addiction's website: http://tinyurl.com/sleeperstaronaa

The Official Sleeperstar Flickr Page Is Now Live

Do you have any Sleeperstar photos you want to share with the world?  Upload your photos onto the Flickr  page and your photos just might end up on Sleeperstar.com!  Check out our flickr page that went live this month: http://tinyurl.com/sleeperstaronflickr

Questions?  Want Sleeperstar for an Interview?  Want to book a show?  Need SS press materials?  Don't hesitate to contact Kristin at minordetailsmgmt[at]gmail.com and  sleeperstarfans[at]gmail.com for general Sleeperstar questions.

wanna get your SLEEPERSTAR on?! (visit these links and help spread the word!)

SS on iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/just-another-ghost/id373913024

SS's Merch Store - http://www.sleeperstar.com/blog/store/

SS on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/sleeperstar

SS on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sleeperstar/131072154757

Introducing: The Sleeperstar Fan Photo Group on Flickr

Did you take an awesome photo of Chris singing his heart out? Shaun jamming on the drums? Did you get to take a picture with Nick and Jake after the show? Wondering how you can share all those super cool pictures? Well, share them with us and other Sleeperstar fans! We now have a fan-based photo pool on Flickr that you can upload all your Sleeperstar concert pictures to. Just log into Flickr and upload your photos to http://www.flickr.com/groups/sleeperstarfanphotos. You just might see your picture on here one day!!