"I Was Wrong" Official Video

We're so excited to announce the release of our first official music video! I Was Wrong was featured on the WB's hit show, The Vampire Diaries late last year and has been gaining momentum ever since. We can't thank all the Vampire Diaries fans enough, you guys have made so much possible for us, thank you thank you thank you! Please take the time to share the video on Facebook (it's that convenient little button below at the end of this post) and tell all your peeps on Twitter (another convenient little button down there). Without further ado:

We'd like to give a HUGE thanks to our good buddy, Ryan Booth, who shot this video for us. His talent is beyond measure and we're so grateful for him. Make sure to go check out his work HERE. We came up with the concept and shot the video all in one day down in Houston, TX. It was a BLAST! And we only dropped/broke 1 camera while doing it. Look for that video soon. The most impressive thing about this video is that Chris did all his own stunts.


Directed by: Ryan Booth Shot by: Ryan Booth & Shaun Menary Edited by: Shaun Menary Graded by: Cody Bess & Ryan Booth Super tasteful VFX shot by:  Scott Brignac Slo-mo running by: Chris Pearson Stunt Man: Chris Pearson Long Pensive Looks by: Chris Pearson