Our Most Excellent 2011 Twitter Contest

What is this contest?  It's THE: "Sleeperstar Is Giving Away An Absurd Amount Of Amazing Apple Products Twitter Contest"

What exactly are we giving away?   // 3 iPods, 3 iPod Touches & 3 iPads

How do I get my hands on that sweet gear?  // Follow these simple instructions to win:

(1)  Go to "Official Sleeperstar Twitter" and make sure you are following Sleeperstar

(2)  Send a tweet out that says why you like Sleeperstar's music!

(3) In that tweet explain why people should follow Sleeperstar and include both of these in your tweet @sleeperstar & #SSiPadgiveaway2

(4)  Get mentally prepared to go see SS live in concert this fall!

(5)  Tweet us a picture of you kissing an animal.  Preferably something dangerous like a Cobra... or a Rhino.

That's it, it's actually that simple!  When we get to 10,000 followers we'll give away the iPods.  When we get to 15,000 followers we'll give away the iPod Touches.  When we get to 25,000 followers we'll give away the iPads.  (And yes, they are all iPad 2).  Click here to check out Sleeperstar's Twitter Page