the Harry Potter Song

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You may already be familiar with Sleeperstar, an Indie/rock band from Dallas, TX who've been gaining in popularity across the world. Their song, "I Was Wrong" was featured in The Vampire Diaries' second season, and another hit, "Everything Must Find Its Place" was used for the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. Today marks the band's worldwide release of their latest song, aptly titled, 'The Harry Potter Song.' And, for one day only, this video is exclusive to MuggleNet!

As it would happen, Sleeperstar, comprised of Chris Pearson, Nick Box, Jake Lester, Geoff Ashcraft and Shaun Menary, are fans of Harry Potter, and wanted to express what Potter means to them, which inspired the song as well as its accompanying music video (click play on the viewer above!) MuggleNet was delighted to feature the video, which contains some stunning guitar work, and equally stunning spell-work!

Sleeperstar's most recent EP, "Blue Eyes" was released this year. You can also check them out on iTunes or Twitter and Instagram. We are thrilled to see a successful band break their mold and delve wands-at-the-ready into "Wizard rock." What do you think? Will you be checking out their music now? We certainly will.