LM•EP on iTunes

We've been waiting years to finally get to say "LOST MACHINES" is slated and will be released world wide on November 18, 2014. Since you all are the most PHENOMENAL and PATIENT fans in the history of music, we decided to release two of the songs early as a THANK YOU for everything. "When I Was A Boy" & "Forget You Now" will be available on October 28, 2014 as an EP (if you want to pre-order "LM-EP" on iTunes you can now!!) The album will become available for pre-order as well come November. We can't say thank you enough. Thanks for believing in us. Thanks for telling your friends about us. Thanks for being patient while we figure all this out. Thanks for spending your hard earned dollars on our art. Thanks for being a part of this with us. We'll see you soon! -SS-