New Album • Lost Machines • Nov 18

We couldn't possibly be more excited that on November 18th, our new album, Lost Machines, will be released out into the world. This has been a two year long project of countless hours, pain, sweat, tears, and even a little blood. It has been worth every moment. Lost Machines is by far our most aggressive, ambitious attempt at making a record, and we are beyond proud of it. We've already let you hear a few tracks over the past few months, but are ready for your to hear the entire album together in its wholeness. 

We've taken our sweet time making this album and figuring out how to release it to you guys. We think at the end of the day though, you just have to put it out there and see what happens. We hope you love it. We hope it inspires you. We pray it brings you hope. We can only dream that it helps people through life the way music has helped all of us. We thank you, the fans, the loyal, the ones who allow us to dream and create. We love you deeply. We are lost machines, everything we are is for you.