About Sleeperstar

After humble beginnings in Texas driving up and down I-35 (Dallas, Waco, Austin then repeat) the Dallas based band Sleeperstar began what they thought would be a slow and steady growing process. 200 clubs and 40 college shows later (22 states & 70,000 miles in just 18 months on the tour van affectionately named “The Washington”) Sleeperstar’s music recently went viral and made its way across the pond. From Dallas, TX to the far corners of the world, literally!

On November 4th, the CW’s hit TV show “The Vampire Diaries” used Sleeperstar’s song “I Was Wrong” off their new album “Just Another Ghost” (now available on iTunes). This platform propelled their music to top 40 charts in Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Belgium, Israel and 26 other countries!

Sleeperstar’s music seeks to inspire and to make the listener feel the pleading vocals, the “U2-meets-Third Eye Blind” guitar-work, and sentimental arrangements of every song. Their music will surely tap at your heart until you let them in, and once they are in… you won’t want them to leave.

Sleeperstar is: 

Chris Pearson + Nick Box + Jake Lester + Geoff Ashcraft + Shaun Menary